Relief Detention Worker Jobs in Aberdeen – Washington – USA at Grays Harbor County Sheriff

Title: Relief Detention Worker

Company: Grays Harbor County Sheriff

Location: Aberdeen – Washington – USA

Type: Full Time, Part Time, Per diem

Category: Social Work, Security


This position provides for supervision and care for juveniles detained in a detention facility in a judicial district of the Superior Court. This position will work under the direction of a full-time staff member on an assigned shift. The relief position is an on-call staff member who may be called to work on any shift with little notice.

With continued experience and proven ability, a person in this position will be called more frequently. Guidelines are available through constant instruction from full-time staff. Supervision of relief staff is maximum by all full-time staff and oral conferences are frequent by shift supervisor. Written guidelines are available through the Detention Services Manual governing policy and



* Follows directions of any full-time staff member assigned to same shift.

* Ensures the safety and well-being of all youth detained in the facility.

* Maintains security of building, grounds, equipment and detained youth through continual monitoring process.

* Assumes responsibility of a youth once admitted to the facility and processes the youth through the intake procedure.

* Supervises daily detention activities and movement of all youth housed within the facility.

* Maintains written records of youths’ daily activities on all assigned shifts.

* Operates and monitors all security equipment within the detention control center and maintains control room daily log.

* Interacts with youth on one-to-one basis or through group activities.

* Administers, prepares and supervises meals on assigned shifts.

* Performs and/or supervises necessary clean-up activities of the detention population.

* Ensures the appropriate release of youth from the facility.

* Performs necessary paperwork accompanying the release of youth.

* Responds to inquiries within the scope of knowledge.

* Acts as a liaison between youth and shift supervisors.

* Acts as liaison between youth and probation staff as relating to desired probation contacts.

* Performs or assists full-time shift employees in any daily process as instructed.

* Confers with shift supervisor relating to youth discipline problems and procedures.

* Confers with and/or informs shift supervisor relating to youth medical needs, minor and/or major.

* Performs other duties as directed by supervisor.


1. High school diploma or GED.

2. At least six months full-time or part-time previous employment. Preference will be given to thosefamiliar withcriminal justice system.

3. A valid Washington State driver’s license and attainment of a first-aid card within six months of employment.

4. Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination is required.


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